Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch on a mobile device?

You will need to install a third party app that supports Flash Player. Go to your app store and do a search for Flash Players. Several apps that have been used are Puffin Browser, Skyfire, iSwifter or Photon Browser.

I cannot login and when I try to register it says “The user name or email you’ve entered is already assigned to an existing user.”

Please make sure that you are typing your username and password correctly by clearing everything out of both boxes and then retype your username and password, even an extra space can cause the login to fail. If you still cannot log in, please go to and type in your email address to have your username and password emailed to you.

How can I bid?

You will need to register for a buyer’s number at each auction market. does not do a blanket approval as each auction market approves their own buyers. Also, not all auction markets take online bids. Please contact the market to resolve any questions about bidding.

To register for a number, click on the “Register to Bid” button next to the auction you wish to bid at on the auction list page. Once you fill out the buyer’s registration form, the Livestock Board of Trade will do a credit inquiry from the information that you provide. To expedite this process, it is suggested that you contact your bank to give them approval to release your information.

While waiting for approval, you will see “Pending Approval” under the market information in the top left corner. Once you are approved, the “Pending Approval” will change to a number.

Why is the audio and video off from each other?

Depending on your connection type and speed, you could be experiencing delay issues. You should try refreshing your screen to see if that will help. For a proper viewing experience, you need a high speed Internet connection of at least 500K or higher. If it is slower than 500K, you can experience delays where the audio and video appear out of sync. Also, some high speed Internet connections also have delays and do not always offer a constant Internet speed. You can always do a free check of your Internet download speed by going to

Why can I not see weight and head count information?

Some markets do not have a person who is actively clerking the online portion of the sale and do not want to have a second camera focused into the market weight board. At these markets, you will only be able to view the sale.

When I click on the View buttons, they do nothing.

Microsoft Internet Explorer has pushed out updates that has caused compatibility issues with the buttons on our site. You will need to turn on Compatibility View to be able to click on these buttons.

In IE 10, click the Compatibility View button Compatibility View button that appears in the Address bar to display the site in Compatibility View or click on Page or Tools in the Menu bar and click on Compatibilty View.

In IE 11, click on the Page or Tools drop down in the Menu Bar and click on Compatibility View Settings. Make sure is listed in the Add this website: box, and click on Add.

You will not need to click on the Compatibility View again unless Internet Explorer pushes more updates in the future.

My audio is choppy while watching the auctions.

The newest Adobe Flash Player does not seem to work correctly with older computers running Windows XP and IE 8. To correct the problem, you will need to uninstall Flash Player 11 and install Flash Player 10. You will need to follow the steps below.

1. download and run the following uninstaller:
2. reboot your computer
3. download and run the version 10 installer:

We have also seen on many machines that by installing and using a different Internet browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox, also will allow you to watch and listen to the live auctions.

To download Google Chrome:
To download Mozilla FireFox: