Fairview Sale Barn
Fairview, OK
(580)227-3797 (580)227-3911

Sale Days
Thursday 10:30AM
For more information Please Call 580-227-3797

Thrusday April 23, 2015

Est. 2000 Cattle

42 Black 1st calf heifer pairs, Express Bloodline.
25 Red Angus 1st calf heifer pairs.
46 Mixed running age cows and calves or preg checked.
500 Feeder Steers.
700 Feeder Heifers

Several more by Sale Time!

10:30 A.M. on Cows.
12:30 P.M. on the stocker and feeder cattle.

Bidding Instructions:
Fairview Sale Barn does not accept online bids at this time.
To buy cattle please call Fairview Sale Barn @ (580)227-3796.