Fairview Sale Barn
Fairview, OK
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Sale Days
Thursday 10:30AM
For more information Please Call 580-227-3797

Thrusday February 26, 2015

Est. 1500 to 1800 cattle

50 2-5 yrs old cows 30 black and black baldies, 10 red Angus, 10 char cross.
Approximate 15 calves by side.
33 Black or Char cross 3 yrs old Cows. 9 calves by side.
21 Big BLack Bred heifers. Bred to L.B.W. Black Bulls.
300 light yearlings and calves.
1000 feeder steers and heifers.

More by Sale time.
Bidding Instructions:
Fairview Sale Barn does not accept online bids at this time.
To buy cattle please call Fairview Sale Barn @ (580)227-3796.