Okeechobee Livestock Market
Okeechobee, FL
(863)763-3127 (863)467-0401
Sale Days
Monday 12:00PM - Tuesday 12:00PM - Friday 1:00PM
Special Sale Schedule:

The Okeechobee Livestock Market is the largest cattle auction in the state of Florida, located in the middle of cattle country. We’ve been marketing Florida’s best cattle for over 50 years. Selling cattle through our auction ring has been tried, proven and perfected.

The largest of our sales begin in July and last all the way through February. Each week, cattle buyers from all over the country are represented at the Livestock Market. Healthy cattle and weight gain performance keep buyers coming back week after week.

Also, if you need breeding bulls, Okeechobee Livestock Market offers the top, hand picked bulls from across the state of Florida. Our bull sales are every Friday in October.

Okeechobee Livestock Market also offers internet sales through Producers Cattle Auction, a real time cattle auction that can be accessed world wide. Truckload lots of calves can be traded through the internet sale ring twice a month throughout the year.

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Bidding Instructions:
Okeechobee Livestock Market is currently not accepting online bids. For more information and bidding instructions please call the office at (863) 763-3127