World Livestock Auctioneer Championship Qualifying Event - Exclusive Replay Saturday, January 4
Butler, MO
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Sale Days
Saturday 12:00PM
2014 World livestock Auctioneer Championship

Thursday, January 2, 2014
Mo-Kan Livestock Market, Butler, MO
Tune in for a replay of the Mo-Kan event on Saturday, January 4 at 12:00 pm (CST)
1. Justin 'J.D.' Shannon, Mountain Grove, Missouri
2. Zach Ballard, Creston, Iowa
3. Alex Belcher, Lick Creek, Illinois
4. Jason Santomaso, Sterling, Colorado
5. Tim Phipps, Liberal, Missouri
6. Mike 'Hoss' Manske, Shattuck, Oklahoma
7. Adam Ashby, Nevada, Missouri
8. Kyle Layman, Curtis, Nebraska
9. Jared Anstine, Holden, Missouri
10. David Whitaker, Ames, Iowa
11. Blake McDaniel, Tallassee, Alabama
12. Seth Steinhoff, Smithland, Iowa
13. Scott Werlein, Mondovi, Wisconsin
14. Mitch Barthel, Perham, Minnesota
15. Gabe Spikes, Bowie, Texas
16. Leon Caselman, Long Lane, Missouri
17. Blaine Lotz, Edna, Kansas
18. Bill Nance, Sheldon, Missouri
19. Duane Rus, Rock Valley, Iowa
20. Andrew McDowell, Vandalia, Illinois
21. Jacob Massey, Pettersburg, Tennessee
22. Bill Patton, Vienna, Missouri
23. Brian Marlin, Inola, Oklahoma
24. Jay Romine, Mt. Washington, Kentucky
25. Garrett Underwood, Louisville, Kentucky
26. Preston Smith, Dodge City, Kansas
27. Bill Cook, Billings, Montana
28. Freddie Phillips, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
29. Mark Lane, Russellville, Alabama
30. Russele Sleep, Bedford, Iowa
31. Robb Taylor, Ponca City, Oklahoma

Monday, October 21, 2014
Blue Grass South Livestock Market, LLC, Stanford, Kentucky
Brian Little - Wann, Oklahoma - Stanford Champion
Brian Curless - Pittsfield, Illinois- Stanford Reserve Champion
Billy Younkin - Cecil, Alabama - Stanford Runner-up Champion
Remaining top ten qualifiers
A.J. Austin - Marmaduke, Arkansas
Darren Carter - Ninety Six, South Carolina
Will Epperly - Dunlap, Iowa
Philip Gilstrap - Pendleton, South Carolina
Daniel Mitchell - Cumberland, Ohio
Brandon Neely - Southside, Alabama
Vernon Yoder - Wilmot, Ohio

Friday, October 4, 2013 - 1:00 pm Pacific Time
Tulare County Stockyard, Inc., Dinuba, California
Mike Godberson — Pawnee, OK - Dinuba Champion
Brennin Jack — Prince Albert, SK - Reserve Champion
Garrett Jones — Los Banos, CA - Runner-up Champion
Justin Abell — Sigourney, IA
Chuck Cozzitorto — Hilmar, CA
Mike Imbrogno — Fresno, CA
John McGill — LeGrand, CA
Justin Mebane — Bakersfield, CA
Paul Ramirez — Tucson, AZ
Tyler Slawinski — McCreary, MB

Rules, Procedures & Entry

The World Livestock Auctioneer Championship (WLAC) is conducted in four stages:
1.WLAC Qualifying Events
2.WLAC Semi-Finals Interview Competition
3.WLAC Semi-Finals Live Auction Competition
4.WLAC Finals Live Auction Competition

Contestant Qualifications

To qualify for competition at any stage of the WLAC, each entrant must complete a 2014 WLAC Entry Form, be a livestock auctioneer, at least 18 years of age, employed by at least one traditional fixed-facility livestock auction market and must not have sold at the 2014 WLAC host market – Knoxville Regional Livestock Market, Knoxville, Iowa – after January 1, 2014.

Each contestant must be sponsored by and include the contact information of at least one traditional fixed facility livestock auction market willing to vouch for his/her status as a livestock auctioneer (the 2014 host market may not sponsor any contestants). WLAC Qualifying Event hosts may not sponsor a contestant for their own event and entrants must not have sold at the WLAC Qualifying Event host within 6 months of the event date.
The WLAC Committee reserves the right to, at anytime, request proof of employment as a livestock auctioneer such as, but not limited to: a 1099 tax reporting form; or to conduct a background check for felony convictions. Committee findings may result in disqualification from competition events.
WLAC Qualifying Events

The WLAC Qualifying Events will be held in three locations balanced regionally across the LMA Membership. The top 10 auctioneers from each 2014 WLAC Qualifying Event, meeting all entry criteria, shall be immediately qualified for the 2014 WLAC Semi-Finals. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest scoring contestants from each of the WLAC Qualifying Events shall also be named Champion, Reserve and Runner-Up.

Contestants are allowed to compete in up to two WLAC Qualifying Events during each competition year. Contestants competing in two WLAC Qualifying Events may only qualify for the WLAC Semi-Finals from one. After qualifying, contestants are ineligible for entry at any other WLAC Qualifying Event during the same competition year.

For each of the WLAC Qualifying Events, five judges will be selected to score contestants based on clarity of chant and voice quality, bid catching ability, conduct of the sale, capacity to serve as a spokesperson, and if the judge would hire the auctioneer. The judges will be comprised of LMA members and all efforts are taken to select judges that are balanced geographically throughout the LMA membership. All five judges’ scores will be combined for a total possible 500 points. In the event of a tie, the scores from the judging criteria, in the following order, will break the tie: “Would you hire this auctioneer?”, "Would this auctioneer make a good spokesperson?", bid catching, execution of the sale, and clarity of chant/voice quality.

Contestants must complete and submit a WLAC entry form along with payment of $100 per WLAC Qualifying Event. A $100 entry fee per WLAC Qualifying Event will be required upon registration. If an entry fee is paid for two WLAC Qualifying Events and the contestant qualifies for the Semi-Finals at the first event, the additional $100 will be paid toward their remaining Semi-Finalist entry fee. If a contestant enters a WLAC Qualifying Event and is unable to attend, advance notice of cancellation must be given to LMA in order to receive a refund.

Completed entry forms and payment in full must be received at the offices of the Livestock Marketing Association, 10510 NW Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64153 by 4:00 p.m. (CST) on the business day assigned as a deadline for each event. No entries will be accepted past the posted deadlines. Entries will be accepted by mail, fax, or electronic submission but must include a completed form and applicable entry fee method of payment.

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year (ROTY) is the highest scoring first time semi-finalist/finalist to the Championship. From the 31 qualifiers for this year’s WLAC, all of the contestants competing as a semi-finalist for the first time are ROTY eligible. If no rookie contestant moves on to the final round the ROTY is determined based on the highest score in the semi-final round. If multiple rookies move on to the Finals, the highest scoring rookie contestant in the Finals round will be named ROTY.

Participation in the qualifying events does not impact your Rookie eligibility. The ROTY eligibility begins when a contestant first qualifies for the semi-final round of the WLAC.

WLAC Semi-Finals

The WLAC Semi-Finals competition is composed of two parts, the interview and live auction and will feature the 30 contestants qualified from the WLAC Qualifying Events and the reigning International Auctioneer Champion if he/she meets all of the above contestant qualifications. Qualifying contestants are required to submit a contestant agreement and entry fee of $400 to confirm their participation as a Semi-Finalist. Additional contestant materials may be required by the WLAC Committee or LMA staff as needed from time to time. Completed forms and payment in full must be received at the offices of Livestock Marketing Association, 10510 NW Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64153 by 4:00 p.m. (CST) on the business day assigned as a deadline. Documents and fees returned past the assigned deadline may result in disqualification or reduction of points in the semi-final round.


Five judges will be selected from the LMA membership to score the live auction competition. These five judges will not be allowed to watch or participate in the interview event. Five separate judges will be selected for the interview competition; the judge panel will consist of a member of each of the LMA committees (WLAC, Government and Industry Affairs and Membership Services) with the final two slots filled by allied industry or ag media representatives. All judges will continue to undergo a strict qualification process, checking for conflicts of interest and overall qualifications as a judge. If a committee member is not eligible as a judge, an alternate will be determined by the WLAC Committee.


The interviews are held in front of a live audience during the Livestock Marketing Association Annual Convention. The reigning Champion will ask each Semi-Finalist the same three questions determined by a selection committee consisting of the current LMA President, Vice President, Chairman of the Board, WLAC Committee Chairman, Government and Industry Affairs Committee Chairman and the LMA CEO and Vice President of Membership Services. If any member of this selection committee has a perceived bias towards a contestant they will be excused from the selection process and alternate representatives will be selected as deemed necessary by the WLAC Committee.

The judging criteria for the interview will be personal presentation, clarity with which the individual expresses him/her self, and knowledge of the livestock industry. The interview will account for 25% of the Semi-Finalist score.

Live Auction

The 31 Semi-Finalists will sell eight drafts of livestock (traditionally cattle) during a live sale at the host market. The live auction judges will score each contestant based on clarity of chant and voice quality, bid catching ability, conduct of the sale, and if the judge hire this auctioneer. The live auction will account for 75% of the Semi-Finalist score.

Ten Finalists will be selected from the Semi-Finals based on the combined score of interview and live auction.

WLAC Finals

The original Semi-Finalist interview score of the 10 Finalists will carry over to the Finals and account for 25% of the Finalist score. The Finalists will not be interviewed again.

Following a short break after completion of the Semi-Finals, Finalists will draw for order and return to the block to sell 10 drafts of livestock (traditionally cattle). The same set of live auction judges as in the Semi-Final round will score the 10 individuals based on clarity of chant and voice quality, bid catching ability, conduct of the sale, and if the judge hire this auctioneer. The live auction portion will account for 75% of the Finalist score. The Semi-Final live auction score will hold no basis after the Finals competition has begun.

Participation in the Competition Sale

No WLAC Committee Member, Judge or Contestant may bid on livestock during the WLAC event at which they are participating.

Adherence to Contestant Schedules

A schedule of events will be provided to all participating contestants prior to the WLAC events. For those events marked as REQUIRED ATTENDANCE, no exceptions will be made and contestants must be in attendance at the start time posted. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO POSTED CONTESTANT SCHEDULES WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC DEDUCTION OF POINTS OR DISQUALIFICATION. This is reviewable by the WLAC Committee for instances outside the contestants control.

Questions & Contact Information

Questions regarding WLAC rules, procedures and contestant qualification should be directed to the Livestock Marketing Association and the WLAC Committee by calling (800) 821-2048 or emailing
Bidding Instructions:
No online or phone bids will be accepted during competition events. These events are broadcast for your viewing experience only.